Café and tea are drinks that enjoy a great popularity in our society, unfortunately they are drunk quickly and mostly only on the way. But how did these drinks originally come from, which ceremony did they actually originate from? The pot - "lita" deals with the topic of the original mate tea drinking. Matetee is a hot infusion drink which finds its origin in Latin America. The dried "Yerba" comes at the ceremony in a hollowed out pumpkin (Calebasse) again and again it is infused with hot water. Callebase is the center of the tea most commonly consumed in a group and its drunk through the drinking straw (Bombilla). "Lita" tries to establish a stronger formal aesthetic as well as functional togetherness between Calebasse and herself. The Calebasse is aware that due to the organic origin always different colors and sizes are still clearly visible. "Lita" should be a useful and self-absorbed tool for daily use.
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